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Crisis Management Team


The CMT training is to create an understanding of the role of Crisis and Incident Management Teams and how this relates to the decision-making process during a crisis. The aim is to prepare the team members to perform under stress and respond to unexpected circumstances and to create an understanding of what happens during a crisis.
The workshop consists of a theoretical and a practical part:

During this session, we will discuss the role of each individual member of the CMT, how to chair CMT meetings and the importance of following a predetermined procedure.

The team will conduct a scenario-based table-top exercise. The exercise will be a fictional crisis-situation, which the team will then respond to by using their individual skills and the Crisis Management Plan. Although table-top “only,” soon the members will fall in their role and experience the exercise as realistic. The main goal to achieve is to prioritize actions and decisions and to work as a team.

For whom?
Those members of staff that most likely during a crisis or serious incident will take a seat in the CMT.

Course Duration:
1-1,5 days (Theory: 2hrs, simulation exercise: 6-8 hrs)


English, French, German, Dutch

This training was conducted in:

2018 Iraq
2018 Syria
2018 Belgium
2017 Ethiopia

2017 Nigeria
2017 Netherlands
2016 Afghanistan
2016 Ethiopia
2016 Netherlands

2016 Cambodia
2016 Nigeria
2015 Afghanistan
2014 Myanmar
2014 Afghanistan

More info?
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