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AUDIT & assessments


Continuous monitoring of potential hazards is a must! This to determine if a new project, a change of context, or anything else can pose a threat to your operations and staff members. An assessment can bring to light the need for new security practices and policies.

Praeventia has a contingent of professionals with global NGO experience able to assess your vulnerability and will advise you how to mitigate risks with a minimum of additional investments or delays. Afterall the goal is to enable not to restrict.

Audits and Assessments are often in combination with training or review/ development of a security management system.


What is the difference between an audit and an assessment?

The purpose of an audit is to compare and find specific gaps, of your organization’s existing standard and procedures that should be corrected. Assessments are about to understand where you are for the benefit of improvement. Here the question of the development of procedures, and which ones are answered.


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More info?
Would you like to have additional information about how we can assist  with your assessments? Please contact William van Heerden: