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The Hostile Environment Awareness Training or HEAT is a contextualized HEAT training  with focus upon delivery to national staff at remote field locations. Each course is context and organization specific, with an interactive and participatory approach. We combine theory with group work, audio-visual methods, exercises, and simulations.
Each HEAT training is tailor-made, based on a modular system that enables us to adapt the training to as well local context as your organization’s preferences and requirements.

# of participants: min: 15 max: 25

Course Duration:
3-4 days (depending upon the number of add-on modules)

On location

English, French, German, Dutch
Russian, Spanish, Pashto: simultaneous interpreter.


HEAT instructor hiring

Praeventia offers HEAT instructors with an exceptional curriculum and unmatched support. To join our team, they have demonstrated high standards of excellence your students have come to expect.

Praeventia’s HEAT instructors are active security advisors with a passion for teaching and the ability to explain, and adjust, the training modules to the context the participant works in.

Instructors spend a minimum of 12 weeks on HEAT training annually.

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