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Safety & Security Awareness


National staff is often lacking in training, yet they are most likely to be exposed to immediate danger. International staff depends highly upon national staff for their own safety.

You are ultimately responsible for your safety. Being aware that you are in an unsafe environment is the first step in decreasing your risk. That is, in a nutshell, what this training workshop is about. The workshop builds upon this self-awareness to further insight for the need and development of good policy, procedures and contingency plans.
Topics covered are: context, situational awareness (internal and external), risk reduction strategy (why and overlap), risk awareness, levels of responsibility, duty of care,
The practical modules are context specific. Examples are: terrorism, driving safety, armed attack, driving in hazardous environments, checkpoints, ambush, abduction, explosive remnants of war (UXO), …
Theory is mixed with interesting exercises and videos throughout the day.

Course Duration:
1-3 days (8-24 hours, depending upon the number of add-on modules)

On location

English, French, German, Dutch direct
Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Pashto: simultaneous interpreter

This training was conducted in:

2019 Afghanistan
2019 Netherlands
2018 Netherlands
2018 Lebanon

2018 Tunisia
2018 Turkey
2017 Lebanon
2017 Jordan
2017 Ethiopia

2017 Belgium
2017 Israel and Palestine
2017 Nigeria
2017 India
2016 Ethiopia

2016 Cambodia
2016 Netherlands
2016 Afghanistan
2015 Afghanistan
2015 Nigeria

2015 Netherlands
2015 UAE (Dubai)
2014 Myanmar
2014 Nigeria
2014 Afghanistan

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