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Safety & Security Awareness for students traveling abroad

This course has been specifically designed to prepare those students who will take part in any, direct or indirect; university organized overseas activity. It builds upon the student’s personal security and his or hers risk mitigation skills.


Study abroad programs now include a wide variety of options, including internships, independent studies, study tours, fundraising trips, student organization trips, etc. Keeping track of the potential risks involved with these programs, especially regarding university liability is almost impossible.
Most universities have liability policies but might fail to make students via the appropriate training aware of any potential problems they might face while visiting a different country. Training before the trip takes place gives students the tools to timely recognize, and respond, to a threat and makes the institution less liable for neglect of their duty of care.

The course covers these areas that need to be considered in order to effectively prevent or mitigate the outcome of a security-related incident while the student is overseas.

Core Modules

Pre-Travel, travel plan and arrival
Context awareness
cultural awareness
Residence Safety
Transport safety

Add-on Modules:

Traveling alone
Personal planning for an Emergency
Sexual harassment
Conflict and terrorism
Civil unrest

Course Duration:
1-1,5 days (8-12 hours, depending upon the number of add-on modules)


English, Dutch, French, German

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